Personal Injury / Auto Accident

9 Benefits Of Chiropractic Care Following A Automobile Accident
You may not be completely aware of your injuries

Many injuries are easy to identify following a car crash. However, injuries such as whiplash are not as easily detected following an automobile accident. It may take hours or a few days to become aware of symptoms of whiplash such as soreness, pain in the upper back and neck, dizziness and headaches. It’s best to take care of this kind of injury as early as possible rather than waiting until you feel pain or discomfort.

Decreased Inflammation

Following an auto accident, it is common for the forces to cause micro tears in the muscles and ligaments. Unfortunately, an x-ray is not going to show them. Inflammation can be decreased by caring for your spine through spinal adjustments helping your body to release a natural anti-inflammatory thereby reducing pain symptoms in the body as well.

Non-Invasive Treatment

Non-Invasive chiropractic adjustments restore function in the spine and improve the bodies natural ability to heal thereby reducing pain helping one to avoid the need for more invasive forms of treatment such as surgery. Surgery should be your very last resort, after you have given everything else a try, such as chiropractic care which is very effective. Not waiting too long following the accident improves your odds of effectiveness with care.

Minimizes Scare Tissue

After the car accident occurs scar tissue can develop on the muscles inside the body. This will cause the person to feel stiff and uncomfortable. Chiropractic care can help the patient to recover more quickly and ensure that proper healing can occur much better than if overlooked altogether.

Relief of Pain without the use of Drugs

Chiropractic care provides relief of pain without the use of drugs. This is more beneficial for you because the pain is a signal telling you to stop, slow down and not to overdo it. Drugs merely cover the problem up and do not necessarily do anything to actually correct it. If you are taking drugs or medications they can become addictive. Chiropractic corrects the cause of your pain or problem there by correcting it.

Decreases Pain throughout the Entire Body

The Chiropractic adjustment causes a release of hormones that help to reduce pain following the car accident. These hormones not only help the injured area to feel less painful, they help to improve other areas of the body as well.

Avoid Long Term Pain

Minor auto accident injuries can become more serious chronic problems if the condition is not treated properly. Seeing a chiropractor immediately following your accident will help you to correct your condition keeping it from progressing into a more serious condition that may become more chronic and long term in nature.

Restores Range of Motion

By receiving Chiropractic care, you will restore normal function in your spine, restoring full range of motion improving your body’s natural ability to heal overall at a much quicker rate.

Improves Your Chance at Making a Successful Claim

When you have become the victim of an accident injury, the other persons insurance company will be liable to pay for your treatment. However, you need to seek care immediately otherwise you risk the chance of having your claim being denied.