What to Expect

We want you know from the moment you step through our doors that your health and well being is our top priority.  A big part in helping you through this process is letting you know what to expect when you visit our offices.  Please see below for what you can expect from your initial visits with Dr. Krugman.  We look forward to taking great care of you!

First Visit
  • Completion of paperwork (fill it out online here) to allow the doctor to familiarize himself with your health history and the condition for which you desire care.
  • Consultation with the doctor to discuss the condition(s) which prompted you to schedule your appointment.
  • Examination and X-rays by the doctor to evaluate your symptoms and to determine if chiropractic care is appropriate in your case.
  • The purpose of your first visit is to allow the doctor to establish a clinical impression of your condition, to determine if chiropractic care might benefit you, and to assess whether further diagnostics are necessary.
  • Please plan on being at our office for approximately 1 hours for your first appointment.
Second Visit
  • The doctor will discuss your clinical and x-ray examination findings with you and let you know if any additional testing or medical referral might be necessary to fully assess your condition.
  • At that time, the doctor will recommend a plan of treatment which will help you to achieve your health-improvement goals.
  • Any questions about your condition, its treatment, and its prognosis will be addressed.
  • Patients find this two-visit approach desirable because it avoids an extremely long first visit and gives them time to formulate any questions for the doctor about their condition.
  • Occasionally, a patient’s pain is so acute that first-day treatment is provided.
Routine Treatment Visits
  • After the diagnostic and explanatory services which are provided during the first two visits, treatment visits typically require 10-20 minutes.